Whim Therapy releases “I tried to make music with AI and this happened”

On June 15th, French producer Whim Therapy released his EP “I tried to make music with AI and this happened”. This work is the result of months of exchange and experimentation with AI-based music creation tools, In the context of the collaboration between Sony Computer Science Laboratories – Paris and the artist.


With this release, Whim Therapy has become the first artist to partner with three major Sony entities: Sony Computer Science Laboratories – Paris, Sony Music Publishing and Sony Music Entertainment France.

The story began in 2010 when Jeremy met singer/songwriter Yogan Le Fouler-Barthel, who was then looking to develop his Diva Faune project. The duo signed a publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing and met with success. Jérémy also became an in-demand composer and producer for other artists under the name Jamy Ben.


On the side of Diva Faune, the need to experiment without fitting into any pattern was born. This is how Whim Therapy took shape in 2020, the means for him to explore new ways of composing. Intrigued by the solutions developed by Sony CSL – Paris, he contacted the French team via social networks. Together, they began a collaboration that gave him access to the tools.

Whim Therapy entered the AI Song Contest in collaboration with the team. This global contest awards the best song co-created with AI.

After becoming familiar with the possibilities of these new technologies, he began to compose with their help. Of the many tracks that Jeremy produced, he chose the title Let It Go to participate in the second edition of the AI Song Contest in 2021, the international competition that allows artists to reinvent the songwriting process using Artificial Intelligence tools. With a concept mixing an old-school vibe with ultra-modern tools, Whim Therapy with Let It Go wins the 2nd Public Prize.


Jeremy then decided to take things a step further and engaged with researchers at Sony Computer Science Laboratories – Paris on a groundbreaking EP designed using the AI based prototypes they have been developing over the past few years.

The first single Dreams talks about of the quest for perfection, which sometimes seems futile and unattainable by the human race. Artificial intelligence unknowingly faces the same problem. So they made this track together. He came up with the theme and she with the conclusions, he chose the chords and she the rhythm, he gave ideas and she proposed sounds. The result is just like the way it was made: incarnate, imperfect, intriguing.


The whole EP “I tried to make music with AI and this happened” follows the same process of exchange and experimentation with AI. Composing this EP was a very rewarding experience because of the tools used in its conception, pushing the boundaries of modern songwriting and production.