Whim Therapy participated in the AI Song Contest

Whim Therapy has collaborated with us to enter the AI SONG CONTEST 2021 worldwide competition.


After becoming familiar with the possibilities offered by these new technologies, he began to compose with their help. Of the various songs that Jeremy has then produced, he chose “Let It Go” to participate in the second edition of the AI Song Contest in 2021, an international competition that aims to explore the use of Artificial Intelligence in the songwriting process.

“AI is not there to replace musicians”

says Jeremy, who used technology as a force of proposition to finalize “Let It Go”. “I started with an intention, simple chords, with a lot of silences, with the idea of a soulful groove that was a bit futuristic. The song is about 70 percent of what I had imagined.” Of the remaining 30%, AI took it in new musical directions for him, taking him out of his usual comfort zone by coming up with ideas he might never have thought of. Even in the use of tools to accompany him in the writing of the lyrics.


“I let myself be carried away by its proposals when I found them relevant or very original. I was very surprised because it was very far from what I would have naturally done, but in the end this “genius accident” brought me a new way to consider the rest of the production of the piece. The machine brings ideas all the time but without ego problems. If I refuse one, it will immediately suggest another. It is also possible to accept only a few notes of such a proposal.”

“Let It Go” brilliantly tells the story of two lovers going through lust and passion on a carpet of unexpected events. The music comes to adjust the border between the Soul and the Pop by its warm textures and its wobbly and solid rhythmic at the same time. To take advantage of the best of the different worlds, this track was recorded in one of the most analogical studios of Paris, in order to remember permanently that the technologies advance and evolve but that they are only a means and not an end.