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Bass Accompaniment Generation via Latent Diffusion
Marco Pasini, Maarten Grachten, Stefan Lattner
latent diffusion, diffusion sampling, music accompaniment generation
NeurIPS 2023 – MLA Workshop
Self-Supervised Music Source Separation Using Vector-Quantized Source Category Estimates
Marco Pasini, Stefan Lattner, George Fazekas
source separation, self-supervised learning, clustering
ISMIR 2023
Singer Identity Representation Learning Using Self-Supervised Techniques
Bernardo Torres, Stefan Lattner, Gael Richard
singer identity, representation learning, self-supervised
ISMIR 2023
Exploring Sampling Techniques for Generating Melodies with a Transformer Language Model
Mathias Rose Bjare, Stefan Lattner, Gerhard Widmer
transformers, sequence generation, typical sampling, folk melody
ISMIR 2023
PESTO: Pitch Estimation with Self-supervised Transposition-equivariant Objective
Alain Riou, Stefan Lattner, Gaëtan Hadjeres, Geoffroy Peeters
pitch estimation, Self Supervised Learning (SSL), lightweight, Toeplitz matrices
GANStrument: Adversarial Instrument Sound Synthesis with Pitch-Invariant Instance Conditioning
Gaku Narita, Junichi Shimizu, Taketo Akama
neural synthesizer, generative adversarial networks, adversarial feature extraction
ISMIR 2022 – LBD
On the Typicality of Musical Sequences
Mathias Rose Bjare, Stefan Lattner
musical sequences, typicality, typical sampling
Differentiable Short-Term Models for Efficient Online Learning and Prediction in Monophonic Music
Mathias Rose Bjare, Stefan Lattner, Gerhard Widmer
short-term models, online-learning, meta-learning, music prediction, Markov chains
ISMIR 2022
SampleMatch: Drum Sample Retrieval by Musical Context
Stefan Lattner
contrastive learning, drum samples selection, musical context
AIMC 2022
“Melatonin”: A Case Study on AI-induced Musical Style
Emmanuel Deruty, Maarten Grachten
musical style, bassnet, music production
ICML 2022 – MLAS Workshop
DrumGAN VST: A Plugin for Drum Sound Analysis/Synthesis with Autoencoding GANs
Javier Nistal, Cyran Aouameur, Ithan Velarde, Stefan Lattner
GANs, sound synthesis, drums, encoder
On the Development and Practice of AI Technology for Contemporary Popular Music Production
Emmanuel Deruty, Maarten Grachten, Stefan Lattner, Javier Nistal, Cyran Aouameur
AI music production, user study, development, popular music
The Piano Inpainting Application
Gaëtan Hadjeres, Léopold Crestel
piano inpainting, max for live, expressivity
ISMIR 2021
A Contextual Latent Space Model: Subsequence Modulation in Melodic Sequence
Taketo Akama
musical inpainting, latent spaces, subsequence modulation, context
ISMIR 2021
CRASH: Raw Audio Score-based Generative Modeling for Controllable High-resolution Drum Sound Synthesis
Simon Rouard, Gaëtan Hadjeres
drums generation, diffusion, high resolution