REQ Interface

Resonance EQ

Resonance EQ is a plugin that saturates/desaturates the spectrum without the need for hours of processing by hand. In graphic editors, saturation is the degree to which an image is colored. An entirely desaturated image is black and white. Here, the right part of the image is more saturated than the left part.

Saturation is colorfulness. In audio, the intuitive equivalent would be that saturated characterizes a strong presence of harmonics, and desaturated a flat, whitened spectrum. Therefore, this plugin can be used in two modes :

  • Normal mode: Used to smoothen the spectrum, remove harsh frequencies that ruin the mix.
  • Reverse mode: Used to amplify resonances, emphasize harmonics and enrich a sound.

Related Publication

ISMIR 2019
Auto-adaptive Resonance Equalization using Dilated Residual Networks
Maarten Grachten, Emmanuel Deruty, Alexandre Tanguy
resonance equalization, subjective ratings