DrumNet interface


DrumNet is an interactive AI tool for generating drum rhythms on top of existing music. The user can select a playing style by simply positioning a point in a 2D plane.


The available styles are learned from actual music via machine learning. The rhythms automatically adapt to the tempo of the music and to different structural cues, like breaks and phrases. For consistent rhythms, the different percussion types can listen not only to the input music but also to the already generated rhythms within DrumNet. In DrumNet, a user can also extract the rhythm style from an existing audio file and use that as a preset.


DrumNet comes with various models for different genres and is available as a standalone application and as a VST/AU plugin.


For more info and music examples, visit the dedicated website.

Related Publication

DrumNet: High-Level Control of Drum Track Generation Using Learned Patterns of Rhythmic Interaction
Stefan Lattner, Maarten Grachten
drumnet, drum patterns, gated autoencoder, user control