BassNet Interface


BassNet is a new AI music tool prototype by Sony CSL. With BassNet you can interactively explore bass lines for your music project. BassNet is designed to react to any musical material you may already have in your project, rather than producing bass lines from scratch. 

A distinctive feature of BassNet is that you can control the way the bass reacts to the input audio while listening, simply by moving a point within a square (the latent space). Some regions in the square will produce simple and functional bass lines, while others give you more adventurous, if not crazy results.


For more info and music examples, visit the dedicated website.

Related Publication

Applied Sciences 2020 (Special Issue)
BassNet: A Variational Gated Autoencoder for Conditional Generation of Bass Guitar Tracks with Learned Interactive Control
Maarten Grachten, Stefan Lattner, Emmanuel Deruty
conditional bassline generation, gated autoencoder, features prediction, latent space exploration