Tsugi publishes a special issue on AI & Music

French electronic music magazine Tsugi partnered with Sony Computer Science Laboratories – Paris for this special issue on Music and Artificial Intelligence.

“AI is just another tool for creativity.”

This could be the main thread of this thick and exciting Tsugi supplement on artificial intelligence, produced in partnership with Sony CSL – Paris. A lot has been said and written in recent years about this famous AI. It is often frightening. Its instigators are accused of wanting to replace artists in the long term. In this large file, Tsugi tried to understand what it was really about, by taking the temperature with researchers, musicians, producers, editors, advertisers and even the president of Sony Music Entertainment France, a major record company. Where we realize that artificial intelligence applied to music is not a futuristic fantasy more or less terrifying. It is a daily reality in the musical world. And even in our universe. Without us necessarily noticing it. For example, its use is permanent through the algorithms of the social networks that we use every day. But as Tsugi mentioned two months ago in an issue dedicated to the metaverse, today’s challenge is to know if AI in music will accompany the artist to bring him more richness in his creations, or if it will act as a steamroller to better format our tastes. Let’s remain optimistic. There will always be a need for someone to plug the machine.


  • Sections
    • Music & Technology, a story
    • Music innovation through time
    • Deep Learning for Music
    • Inside Sony CSL
    • Futuristic Plug-Ins
  • Interviews
    • Michael Turbot, Director of Tech. Promotion @ Sony CSL – Paris
    • Ryan Groves & Vincent Koops, Organisers of the AI Song Contest
    • Damien Quintard, Producer & Sound Engineer
    • Christophe Caurret, Director of Music @ Publicis
    • Artists: Chaton, Whim Therapy, Uè€le Lamore, Twenty9
    • Jean-Christophe Bourgeois, Director @ Sony Music Publishing France
    • Marie-Anne Robert, CEO @ Sony Music Entertainment France
    • Julie Gayet, Organiser of the Soeurs Jumelles Festival